Need to wake up your brain? Games to help you think fast on your feet.

Brain teasers and other mental puzzles have been shown to help keep mental acuity sharp, but can exercising the brain regularly have even more dramatic benefits?

Brain teasers may go beyond keeping you clever; according to "Greater Good" magazine , with regular mental stimulation, people might even be able to reverse the effects of mental aging.

Best games for your brain

Brain teasers come in all forms, depending on what you're looking for. Reading the newspaper doesn't just inform you on world events; it offers plenty of ways to give your brain a workout. Many newspapers offer crossword puzzles or Sudoku. Crossword puzzles are great to exercise your vocabulary and general knowledge, while Sudoku helps with deductive reasoning and math skills.

If you don't have a newspaper in front of you, the Internet is a great place to turn. For Sudoku, offers billions of puzzles at various levels to test your skills. If words are your thing, also offers daily crosswords, the LA Times crosswords and puzzles you can print out and take with you.

You can also find games designed to test how quickly you think. has games that test speed, memory, problem solving and flexibility – all skills that are critical to keeping your mind agile. is another site that has similar offerings.

No matter what your brain game preference, there are Web sites out there to keep your mind operating at its sharpest.
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